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The dukan diet as most of us are aware is based on zero calorie and high protein diet. How healthy is this diet plan? This article intends to provide a dukan diet review with this regard. As per the book this diet plan is for long term, that is, this diet can be carried on forever and they assure you that you will not gain back the lost weight unlike with many other diets.

Most of the dukan diet review will tell you how effective this diet plan is, but hardly few talks about the side effects. Here are few that come into picture that might help you in deciding if you should take that plunge as everyone else.

Dukan diet will definitely help you in losing weight rapidly. Since it is a protein only diet, in the first phase it cuts calorie drastically and the absence of carbohydrate in the diet keep your hunger at bay. This restrictive diet is not healthy like the many other diet plans. You don’t get your daily nutrition requirement and considering this a long term diet, that is, if you chose to continue to do it for lifetime, it is going to give rise to a lot of health problems. The dukan diet plan actually encourages you to take supplements of multivitamin but it is not good enough for a healthy way of living. Fruits, whole grains and healthy fats are essential for our health and multivitamin supplements cannot replace them.

Protein is essential for our body but it cannot be had as the only food. As per the dietitians smart carbohydrates are very important for our body. Our bodies are naturally engineered to derive energy from the carbs we eat. To shunt our bodies from it is surely not going to be healthy especially if you continue the first phase of the dukan diet for a longer period of time than recommended. This would eventually lead to diseases related to the kidneys. A healthy diet will never have side effects, but with the dukan diet plan you would have a series of side effects like constipation, bad breath, increase in cholesterol levels and uric acid level and eventually ending up with gall bladder stones and various other kidney problems.

As per the Dukan diet review, this diet will let you lose weight drastically, but losing weight in a drastic measure is definitely not healthy. If you indeed want to lose weight it’s always advisable to work with nature, to deprive your body of the essential ingredients for losing weight is not the right choice of a healthy living. Choosing a diet that enables you to eat healthy with controlled calorie intake and lot of physical exercises is going to make you lose that extra pounds that are not required. So is it worth torturing your body with protein only diet? It’s up to you to decide.

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