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Pilates is fun. Sometimes the only thing that hinders a beginner from engaging in Pilates is self-doubt since the exercise positions can be somewhat intimidating. However, Pilates is actually a beginner-friendly exercise method that will define and improve your body, regardless of what condition it is in.

Unlike any other fitness training, there is, Pilates for beginners is not overwhelming, complicated, or challenging for your body, but there are levels and degrees in Pilates that are for the advanced. Pilates allows natural adaptability to new activities. Best of all, if you are thinking of taking it up in classes or groups, you will be put in a beginners’ class where everyone else is still trying to do the positions properly and not mixed with Pilates experts and old-timers which can prove to be very awkward and sometimes embarrassing for the beginner.

Pilates is a very rewarding experience and it can benefit you mentally as well as physically by alleviating stress and tension. If you have decided to join the fastest growing exercise trend in the US today, you should at least start properly by looking for a certified Pilates instructor that can guide you into the exercise methods properly. Although there are many Pilates videos that you can watch at home, it is highly recommended that you start Pilates under an instructor so you could experience how to do the positions properly and be able to ask questions.

During the first few sessions, a Pilates instructor will be there to guide you, explain positions more thoroughly and answer your questions. Your instructor can also help you draft a realistic goal for your intentions in joining the class and will quickly dispel any misplaced notion about this exercise method. Also, if you do your Pilates training in a studio, you won’t have to agonize over choosing Pilates equipment to buy because they’re already provided by the studio itself unless you prefer to bring your own. The downside of joining Pilates classes is that you have to stick with the group’s schedule even if that means squeezing into your busy schedule. On the other hand, private lessons are also available but obviously, the cost will be a bit more for that privilege.

Pilates beginners should know that proper form in doing the exercise routines is crucial and should not be overlooked. This is a mind and body exercise that requires full attention from its participants. Concentration is very important while practising Pilates positions and lack of it could lead to injury. After achieving proper education and awareness of the principles of Pilates, you could always choose to safely do it at home at your own convenience. Pilates videos and books can be bought online and in local bookstores. However, by that time, you might find that you enjoy the class and surrounding yourself with other like-minded individuals who have chosen Pilates as well.

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