Male Osteoporosis 1

Usually people think that osteoporosis is a disease that occurs only to aged people and females who have crossed their menopausal stage of life. But even young people are prone to osteoporosis, esp. the ones with hyperparathyroidism, alcoholism, obesity, vitamin D and calcium deficiency and a prominent fracture history. But women are generally thought of having osteoporosis after their menopausal age. 80 % of the victims of low bone mass of the national population of America are women, out of which 65 % women suffer from osteoporosis or related problems due to old age and menopause. But to highlight the facts, women are seen to suffer from osteoporosis during their premenopausal ages too. Most women of the age between 30-35 years are recorded as osteoporosis victims and obviously they have not yet gone through their menopause.

Primary osteoporosis is the other name for the disease which is frequently seen in old men and women, because of the usual and direct calcium and vitamin D deficiency. The osteoporosis of the kind which comes into picture because of some other disease, i.e. indirectly, is also known as secondary osteoporosis. Premenopausal osteoporosis is one type of secondary osteoporosis. There may be various factors included in secondary osteoporosis, few of which are mentioned below:

Sometimes medical treatments for other diseases can be the cause of premenopausal osteoporosis. Medications and treatments like bisphosphonates, estrogen replacements – to exclude the conditions of hypoestrogenism, supplementary intakes of calcium, vitamin D and other bone minerals, and exercises – weight bearing and resistance inducing, help a lot in curing premenopausal osteoporosis.

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