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For thousands of years, people have been wondering what causes Osteoporosis. While we do understand what causes Osteoporosis now, it still affects millions of women around the world, and the work is on to cure the disease forever.

So, what exactly does cause Osteoporosis?

Well, there is actually no single cause to Osteoporosis, and the causes come from a multitude of areas in the human physiology. As we go through our lives, our bones constantly grow and rebuild themselves, replacing older bone. They say that every nine years or so, you have a completely new skeleton. This means that if you are 27, you have gone through three skeletons already. That is pretty amazing considering you had no idea you were changing skeletons in the first place.

However, this is where the problem stems from. After the age of 30 or 40, the cells that build new bone cannot keep up with the cells that remove bone, which then causes the amount of bone in your body to decrease, and this can cause Osteoporosis as a result.

The average rate of bone loss in men and women of a certain age is actually quite small, but for women, after menopause bone loss accelerates. The acceleration can actually average one to two percent a year. This is a huge amount and it causes a significant reduction in bone density for the individuals.

Why does this occur in women, but not in men? The answer comes in something only women have, which is estrogen.

Estrogen in women protects the body by helping the body’s bone-forming cells to keep working. It is like a barrier for them that keeps them from harm and that allows them to do what they were designed to do without any problems.

The reason that estrogen plays a factor in Osteoporosis, is that after menopause, the amount of estrogen in the woman’s body rapidly decreases. This means that there is not enough of the protection for the cells that form bone, and they begin to appear in less and less numbers and work slower. Obviously, this in turn results in the bones not reforming as fast, creating Osteoporosis in some cases that can be terrible situation for some women.

While there is a greater understanding of what causes Osteoporosis, and many drugs do exist on the market to help prevent the disease and make it manageable, it continues to be a problem and researchers are trying to delve even deeper to understand what causes Osteoporosis beyond the drop in estrogen, so that in the future they can help a lot of women who must suffer from this condition in their golden years.

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